Are You Suffering from Anxiety,

or Attention and Concentration Difficulty?

New Day Wellness Center has ANSWERS!

When anxiety steals your confidence, peace and enjoyment of life, or when you can't focus or concentrate on even the simplest tasks, it can feel like you're losing your mind!

At New Day Wellness Center, we have natural solutions that work to restore and repair the balance of hormones and neurotransmitters in your brain and nervous system. Our therapies work without medication, or can compliment the medications you are currently using. They are equally effective for children as well as adults.

The goal? We get to the root cause of your anxiety or attention disorder so that you can feel calmer and in control of your life again. We repair your concentration and focus so that you can feel more productive and keep on top of your job and the activities you love, 


Constant Racing Thoughts


Can't Focus





Sleep difficulties


panic attacks

Easily Distracted




FREE REPORT on Relief for Anxiety and Attention Disorders

Get infomration on how natural therapies can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and attention problems from 
Dr. Melissa Dybala, ND, DC

Why New Day Wellness Center?

  • We'll do a complete medical history and comprehensive diagnosis to zero in on the cause of your anxiety or attention disorder.

  • We'll give you solid strategies and treatment that will help naturally correct imbalances in your body and brain chemistry.

  • Our treatment will work with and/or complement any current medication you may be taking, with no side-effects. 

  • We work with both adults and children, and understand the specific needs of anxiety and attention disorder patients.


  • Anxiety disorders affect
    40 million adults in the USA every year (18% of the population).


  • Anxiety disorders can develop from risk factors that include genetics, brain chemistry, personality and life events.

  • The gut-brain axis plays a role in anxiety as most of the body's serotonin is made in
    the gut.


  • Diet and nutrition play a large role in balancing the neurotransmitters and hormones necessary to maintain mental and emotional health.

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