Here at New Day Wellness Centerour patients are our best advertisement. Here's what some of them have to say:

     I've been coming to New Day Wellness Center for a few years now and have loved my experience so far. As someone who is taking a more natural path to monitor a genetic mutation than the rest of my family, it has been new territory for me. Under her care I've seen promising results and have full faith in what Dr. Dybala is doing for me. She really treats to whole body and does a great job explaining her diagnosis and treatment plan so that you understand what's happening in your own body! I recommend Dr. Dybala to anybody looking for a primary care doctor."
Steph S. - Streamwood

     I have been with New Day Wellness Center for a little over 6 months. I was seeking alternative ways to deal with my thyroid disorder. I was looking for a more holistic and less intrusive way to help my body, as well as a better way to understand the reason behind the disorder. With Dr. Dybala's guidance, her deep-dive into what was going on with my body, and how she looked very specifically into details, my thyroid function has improved as well as my overall quality of life. I appreciate that Dr. Dybala is using her knowledge and experience to find an individual approach for each patient to see what works for each."
Olena P. 

     After we moved last spring, we were looking for a natural primary care physician for our two young boys. That's when we found Dr. Dybala! What a blessing! She takes time with us and really listens to help treat our family from the inside out. Whenever we've needed to see her right away, she has always made time. Her knowledge of working with and treating the whole person and getting to the cause of ailments is impressive. Dr. Dybala is a doctor for the whole family."
Dawn M. - Glen Ellyn

     I knew I was having difficulty conceiving and had hormonal imbalances after charting my cycles for several years, but because I had not been trying for at least a year to get pregnant, my ob/gyn left me with no treatment or care….. Dr. Dybala performed tests, prescribed a diet and supplements to regulate my hormones, and assured me there were healthy, natural changes I could make…. After I conceived my baby, Dr. Dybala ensured that I maintained that pregnancy, I was as comfortable as possible"
M. M. - Wheaton

     Because I'm afraid of taking prescription medications, which my former MD was consistently prescribing for my arthritis and chronic inflammation and pain, I sought out a Naturopath/Chiropractor who could treat my problem and not just my symptoms. After doctor-shopping for months, I chose Dr. Dybala of New Day Wellness Center in Wheaton. I wanted someone I could trust, who would also treat my whole body, without Rx. She's also not in network nor takes my company's insurance, but my health is way more important."
Vicki P. - Niles

     I highly recommend Dr. Dybala as your naturopathic doctor. She is very caring and thorough when it comes to your complete health. I was always tired and had shortness of breath. Dr. Dybala had me get some tests related to my symptoms. After those tests, I found out I had a widow maker and needed heart bypass surgery. She has also helped me figure out how to get healthier. Dr. Dybala looks at not only symptoms but potential causes of issues to figure out a good plan to set you in the right direction."
Corey S. - Wheaton

     What I appreciate most about Dr. Dybala is that she works diligently to get to the cause of my issues and then offers me several options for treatment. She will share insight as to how involved each treatment option may be or how long to expect for healing, but she lets me decide which one I feel is best for my body. I'm thrilled to be in the care of someone who treats the whole body and not just one particular symptom. She is empathetic, extremely dedicated to healing her patients, and is genuinely in her concern for your health and well-being."
Jill F. - Wheaton

     For several years, I have suffered from migraines. The pain made it difficult to function, light intensified the pain and almost any activity was unbearable. I've tried many solutions: I saw several different chiropractors and even tried herbal remedies and acupuncture. From the first appointment with Dr. Dybala, she worked with me to figure out what my migraine triggers are. Dr. Dybala really takes the time to listen and work through any issues whether through chiropractic adjustments or naturopathic remedies."

Tayce S. - Schaumburg

     For 5 years I lived in discomfort with stomach pains. I went to see every doctor I could find and they could never find anything wrong with me. They said it might be depression or just looked at me like it was all in my head. When the pandemic hit, my stomach got really bad. I started seeing a new chiropractor and I mentioned my stomach problems. She gave me Dr. Dybala's name. Dr. Dybala completely changed my life. She helped me figure out what was wrong with my stomach and on top of that she helped me with how tired I felt.  Now for the first time in 5 years I can live without pain. Dr. Dybala listens to you and helps you to change your life.."
Pam, Age 64 

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