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Is your child miserable from allergy
symptoms, or groggy from allergy meds?

Do they feel like a prisoner stuck indoors during allergy season?

New Day Wellness Center has ANSWERS!

When our kid's feel miserable, we hurt too. Allergies can rob kids of normal childhood activities, like playing outside, visiting family with pets, or eating favorite foods. Allergy medicines can help, but they often leave children feeling sluggish or sleepy, and unable to pay attention in school or enjoy their natural energy level. 

At New Day Wellness Center, we have natural solutions that work to reduce allergy symptoms so your child may be able to reduce their medication and/or participate in outdoor activities and family fun.

The goal? We identify the specific allergy triggers, and reduce the body's immune reaction and histamine production. We show you simple changes you can make at home to keep your child allergy free, or reduce their symptoms so that allergies are no longer a barrier to a normal childhood.

Allergies tend to run in families. You'll be glad to know that we can help adult's with allergy symptoms too!

Signs & Symptoms:

  • Frequent coughing, sneezing, asthma, runny nose, itchy, red or watering eyes, ear infections

  • Recurring nausea, heartburn, stomachache, gas, belching, constipation or diarrhea

  • Mood, attention, or behavior problems that come and go

  • Seasonal depression or fatigue

  • Skin irritations, hives, rashes, eczema, or breakouts

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